Saturday, May 8, 2010

Attempting the ... Jayne Mansfield

The other night instead of studying, I was attempting the Jayne Mansfield! Jayne is one of my favorite blond bombshells, and I just adore her hair and makeup looks. I first discovered Jayne from the movie The Jayne Mansfield Story portrayed by Loni Anderson. Honestly, I thought Anderson was on the annoying side, but it is still a fun/sad movie to watch. I am going to rent The Girl Can't Help It, and see about watching it with my mother in law tomorrow for Mothers Day! On the web, you can watch it free here.

For the hair, I rolled the hair using Con-Air hot rollers with the smaller barreled curlers at the front and the bigger ones in back. I then took them out and began "picking" them apart with a comb and fingers. I then used a round brush to help roll the various sections.

Makeup was L'oreal Intense Carbon black eyeliner and Mac's Russian Red lippie.

If anyone knows of a good Jayne tutorial on the web, Please let me know! pixi2woo did a fantastic tutorial on Jayne...go take a look!

Thanks for taking a look!

*Please note: all background pics/borders are not my own. If you would like to know where I found them or own them and would like me to remove them, please email or leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

January Jones Tutorial

I seen this pic of January Jones on Fedora Lounge awhile back, so if you want to achieve this look:

1) lippie is Vegas Volt by MAC

2) Watch Berlin Hair Baby's amazing tutorial!

Also check out her blog for additional pics!