Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Night ~ Loney Hearts ~

Lonely Hearts

I watched this movie last night as my mother assured me this was a fantastic film.


A romancing con artist finds he is in more than he bargains for when he tries to con a can artist (Salma Hayak). The plan was to con women out of their money, but her (Hayak) jealousy gets the better f her, and they soon being a killing spree. Soon they are being chased by a detective (Travolta) after the "Lonely Heart Killers."

I found this movie to be slow and dull due to some of the (IMO) unnecessary scenes involving Travolta. I think the movie could have developed the story without drawing it out so much. The movie is a good (at least) one timer. The clothing is absolute eye candy that will have you searching etsy for some great 40s frocks.

Salma's was a complete femme fatale in this movie, and her outfits were divine. I especially loved her 40s red dress and white suit complete with Cuban Heeled stockings! Sadly, I was unable to find any great pics on the web.

I would give the movie 7/10. The movie was quite interesting to see how women were taken advantage of after their hubbys were killed during the war (WWII), and how con men (and women) used this to their advantage.

The ladies clothes and hair were fantastic (hair-not the best, but decent), and the men weren't too shabby themselves.

The movie can be watched in parts on youtube, found here.