Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Pad-Foot

There is someone special I would like you to meet.
Cute isn't she?

A few weeks back I wrote a post on the passing of my lil baby Marshmallow. I still really miss her :*( Days after losing her, my mother was very insistent on me getting a new lil one (that has always been her way of helping us get over the loss of a pet). After searching for the perfect lil one, we came across Pad-Foot. She has lil white booties on all of her lil tootsies, and she also has a white neck stripe. She won't let me take a pic of that yet, so will have to wait!

I wanted Lauren to name her, but I wanted a fu-fu name like that in which I had given Marshmallow. My sister tried to name her Skunky as she has a stripe down her back. She is still a little scared so she still poops quite a bit. The second day we had her, she was biting, but ater that she has not bitten.

Don't be Scared...It's for Halloween

Ooooooohhhh Halloween is around the corner, and I can't wait!

My sister Dallas and I were messing around with make-up when she came over this evening. I forgot to take pics. I thought I would add a few pics from last years Halloween. The top first pic was taken on Halloween at Pechanga Casino as we met our parents there b/c both of our boyfriends had to work :(

The top second pic was about 2 weeks before Halloween last year...we seen some vids on youtube and got inspired. Last year MissChievous (Julia's) vid's were the best, in my opinion! I think she has done one for this year already and plans on more. Go to her channel and check them out, you won't be disappointed :)

These last two pics are of the boys. The first is my bf Lauren. He was going as the Joker. Looks pretty cute, if I do so say myself :) The second is Dallas' bf Trent, and he was going as a rock star.

I have already been messing around with Halloween looks. I am not sure what I wanna be this Halloween, I just know that I wanna be something dead :P I LOVE the blood and fake bruises, scabs, etc... Oh, yeah! SarahVictor from youtube did an awesome vid on making bruises and scars. Below are pics of my attempt at looking beaten.

I want to make little Boo's, you know the lil ghosts from Mario Bros video game. Trent bought Dallas a book (Martha Stewart) on making all kinds of Halloween treats, and I thought that making lil ghosts would be cool. She is having a Halloween party at her house, and she wants me to help decorate. Fun, fun, fun!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kelly Rocking the 40's!

Sometimes Kelly Osbourne's styles are a little out-there for me, but in this case, I think she does a wonderful job! She looks very elegant, and I love the hat! The suit reminds me on some of the new fall suits that came out from Lane Bryant and Igigi.

I found this when I was browsing a new blog, Little Miss B. I really like her cute! Check out her posting here. I found additional pics here. Apparently she is modeling designer Tarina Tarantino's jewelry and hair accessories.

Looks fab Kelly!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movie Night **LA Confidential**

As mentioned in the previous Movie Night post on Mulholland Falls, I decided to rent LA Confidential from Netflix. I watched it Thursday night. I didn't have high expectations b/c as it was suppose to be a similar plot to Mulholland Falls. That being said, I enjoyed the movie.

As usual I loved the wardrobe and hairstyles. I wish the women in the film (like Basinger) has more screen time. In a nutshell, it is basically about corruption within the LAPD in the 1950s. The movie can be hard to follow as there are several characters and story lines going on within the movie at least for me (yes, I know...I am lame). I really liked Kevin Spacey and Kim Basinger's characters. Basinger played a Veronica Lake look-a-like call girl. I really LOVED her hair!

Just some fun tidbits... In Mulholland Falls, William Peterson (Grissom in CSI) plays a bad guy while in LA Confidential Paul Guilfoyle (Captain Brass in CSI) plays the bad guy.

Looking for movie pics, I came across this website: AMC's Best Neo-Noir Films...may be worth checking out!

BTW, I still prefer Mulholland Falls over LA Confidential, but I definatly recommend watching it...just keep-up with who's who!