Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Do you Remember...The 90s Blonds?

The late 90's / early 2000 blonds? I was one of them! Ah nostalgia :D

I recently cut my hair short in an A-lined bob (short in the back and longer in the front). I damaged my hair from dying it too much, so I decided to chop it off. The A-line bob was a last minute decision.
Here is a pic of me from 2003 taken by my mother-in-law (to be).
Anyways, after I cut my hair, I have been reminded of the short blond es from the 90s that I grew up idolizing like Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore, Julia Stiles, etc.

Who were some of your favorite blonds in the late 90s/early 2000s?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Thankful!

Halloween this year was quite difficult as I was rather sick! In this photo I was going for Dita's femme fatale look when she parts her hair down the middle, always so fab! My sister and her boyfriend also looked fab at dinner! We all decided to go to Pechanga for dinner, but did not see many people dressed up.

For Thanksgiving I had just finished watching LisaFreemontStreet's hair tutorial on one of Lolita Haze's updos, and so I thought I would give it a try. It did not come out the same, but I think it has a similar look. Everyone (including my picky parents) loved it! I used perm rods on the top layers and some pillow rollers on the bottom and back.

Here is a pic of my vintage inspired manicure I gave myself before I headed off to my Grandmother's. It's by Revlon and has a warm red with gold shimmer in it that can take a reddish-brown huh with warmer clothes or a plum-gold with cooler tones. Quite versatile!
As the evening came to a close at Lauren's parents house, his mom decided I needed a clay facial! Sadly, I soon discovered I forgot to get a pic of me and Lauren on Thanksgiving, oops :(

I really want to find a fab 40s dress in my size and some colorful (hopefully leather) gloves this winter season, what are you looking for?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...and the Awards Go To...

I've received two blog awards from Miss Amethyst over the past few weeks! I would like to take the time to thank her for thinking of me :) Please take the time to check out her blog at The Pink Retro Powder Room as she often has some great hair tutorials like the Jane Russell Hair tut which I just adore.

The first award for "One Lovely Blog Award" (my 2nd time winning one !!! Yea!). So 15 newer bloggers than I discovered (or just plain LOVE their blog and rediscover it...), and the Second was for "I Love Your Blog." I am awarding each of the fifteen ladies below BOTH awards as I adore their blogs so much!

1. The Cassandra Voom Show
2. Call Me Lucille
3. Classic Retro Glamour
4. Ketty
5. Sailing Over a Cardboard Sea
6. The Glamorous Guide to Unconventional Living
7. Vintage Passions Just Like Mine
8. Annie Pancake and the Time Machine
9. The Vintage Lesbian Project
10. For the Vintage Fashionista
11. Forties Fashions
12. April's Time Capsule
13. Glamour Daze
14. The Pink Champagne for Dancing
15. Good Stuff Only

Please take the time to also visit these other blogs as each of them deserve more followers :)
Also, I am going to try and put together a post of pics from Halloween and Thanksgiving! I did a fun Thanksgiving hair do that looked fab, and I dyed me hair, so it is no longer dark brown. Any guesses on the color?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Night ~ Loney Hearts ~

Lonely Hearts

I watched this movie last night as my mother assured me this was a fantastic film.


A romancing con artist finds he is in more than he bargains for when he tries to con a can artist (Salma Hayak). The plan was to con women out of their money, but her (Hayak) jealousy gets the better f her, and they soon being a killing spree. Soon they are being chased by a detective (Travolta) after the "Lonely Heart Killers."

I found this movie to be slow and dull due to some of the (IMO) unnecessary scenes involving Travolta. I think the movie could have developed the story without drawing it out so much. The movie is a good (at least) one timer. The clothing is absolute eye candy that will have you searching etsy for some great 40s frocks.

Salma's was a complete femme fatale in this movie, and her outfits were divine. I especially loved her 40s red dress and white suit complete with Cuban Heeled stockings! Sadly, I was unable to find any great pics on the web.

I would give the movie 7/10. The movie was quite interesting to see how women were taken advantage of after their hubbys were killed during the war (WWII), and how con men (and women) used this to their advantage.

The ladies clothes and hair were fantastic (hair-not the best, but decent), and the men weren't too shabby themselves.

The movie can be watched in parts on youtube, found here.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Have the most ghoulish evening!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dita to Guest Star on CSI?

Most of the time I love what she is wearing, and then there are times (like this) AMAZING!
I just adore when Dita does the femme fatale.
Apparently Dita will be guest starring on CSI as Greg's love interest, a femme fatale nevertheless.

More pics can be fond here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Apology and an Award :)

I have been such a bad little blogger! Sadly, it is mainly in part due to the fact that I have only VERY limited access to the Internet now :(

Anyhow, I was awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award"!!! from La Dama of Vintage Passions Just Like Mine. I just adore her blog, and for you curvy gals out there that are into vintage, check her out! ( I hope she doesn't mind me using one of her pics ~ What a beauty!)

My Fav blogs at the moment are:
(Plus Size Vintage)

0) Vintage Passions Just Like Mine (not sure if I can link her as she gave me the award)
Other Vintage Sites:
5) Vintage Starlet Has amazing photos of a 40s starlet
11) Annie Pancake
12 ) Lisa Freemont BEST vintage tutorials (hair)
Non vintage Sites
14) Makeup Geek Adore her makeup tutorials
17) Big Girl Blog Best PSP stories on dating
19) Dita von Teese The one (of a few) who got me into vintage
20 ) Kr1mina1s Korner my hunny
*On a side note, I am not meaning to separate the blogs in anyway. Being plus-sized, I like to see plus size vintage gals sporting their wear on blogs :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Lipstick Quandary

Does anyone know of a non-oil based lipstick bright colors)?

Does a creature of this type even exist?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cruise Night

Here are some pics of the Cruise Night in Escondido. I was a ding-bat (technical word here :P), and I only took a few pics.

In the antique mall along the street, I snapped a pic of this cute little mint gren and cream kitchen oven :) oh how I wish it was mine...

Enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marcel, Have We Met?

I took these pics a few weeks back. Not too shabby for my first time and no setting plan. I had set my hair in pin curls the night before. I was running late, so I had only a few minutes to remove the pins and form the waves. I used the long clamps to hold the waves. I finished the styling in the car and pinned the longer porting into a faux bob, which didn't turn out well :(

I was happy with the waves in the front, but I need to work on the back. I kinda think that I had it rolled up to much n the back. I think if it was a looser faux bob it would have looked better.I just LOVE the waved look! I especially love it on longer hair, which is why I am trying to grow mine out. All of the ladies above have such a pretty face shape to carry off a chin length bob.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Hat Society, Can I be a Member?

While we (my sis and I) were out and about the other day getting stuff to fix her fence, me and Mom wanted to stop by a small thrift store. They had a good dozen hats, and we tried nearly all of them on...the lady working there soon joined in!

Dallas was drawn to this one, as was I, once I put it on her and then myself. So she picked it up, and gave me the responsibility of wearing it with the exception of Halloween as this will be her Halloween hat. It is a tough job, but I'll try and manage :D The old car in the pic is one in a diner in Oceanside called Pit Stop.

I decided to wear the hat out today and quite liked the way it looked. The red and pink fit my "Super Mario" dress perfectly. The little flowers on the dress look just like the power-up flowers in Mario, but pink! Even the center panel have really small Mario flowers! I didn't notice that my dress was a Mario dress until a few weeks back after I began playing Mario World on the Wii.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Movie Night: ~The War Bride~

Hands down one of my favorite period pieces (Titanic, Changeling, Mulholland Falls, ... to name a few). I was a bit hesitant of renting this movie as I hate sitting through boring period movies (even if there is beautiful clothing candy). After seeing all the pretty pics on other blogs, I had to rent it from Netflix! I wish I would have watched it sooner :D

The ladies from England (Lily and Sophie) have the most amazing wardrobe!! Below is just one of the amazing outfits they can be seen in....for some reason, I can't find any other pics. One aspect of the movie I like most is that the gals are down right charming!

Breakdown: The movie is basically about a gal living in London during WWII meets a young fella and soon fall in love and get married. He leaves her behind pregnant, and soon he sends for her to stay with his family in (rural) Canada. Sophie is left in the hands of a rich family while Lily, to her surprise, is not greeted with open arms, and left with a poor family the story goes from there.

Fashion: The cloths are all lovely! The English gals sure know how to dress up. You will see that during the movie, Lily is not greeted warmly by the locals as she is over dressed "city girl" for many of them. One of the interesting aspects is that Lily was a seamstress in London, so here she is making 'naughty' knickers for some of the local ladies to befriend them. I think this movie is particularly effective in showing that by trying to dress up and look your best, despite your settings, you can feel good about yourself. Though it can be hard when the 'majority' feels offended/disapproving of your clothing/hair choices.

Rating: I would give this a 4.5/5. I really enjoyed this movie. There are somethings I would have preferred they did differently, but other wise this was a visual feast! I also think the story had several interesting points (which I will not go into...spoilers).

I am particularly fond of 'period movies/tv shows' as I like to see how a modern gals/fellas look in vintage attire. To give you an idea on my rating scale, I am about 50/50 (sometimes less) with period pieces as many have beautiful costumes but lack in substance (e: Edge of Love, I thought it was so bad, I couldn't finish it...I will try it again at another time).

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Movie Night: The Last of the Blonde Bombshells

Basically this is a movie about an older woman getting in touch with her past as she was a saxophone (I believe) player in the 40's in a group called the Blonde Bombshells after she loses her husband. She meets a young guitarist and slowly begins playing again. She soon discovers that she would like to reunite with members of the old band...and the story goes from there.

The victory rolls in the film were my first introduction to them, and I was in awe. One of the 'ladies' in the film has an amazing Betty Grable up-do.
Now I just adore Judi Dench! She is the sweetest actress, and I wish I had someone like her as a grandma or just knew her.

You can actually watch it on youtube. This is part 1 of 7...just click on the next part on the right hand side. If you are unsure about watching the entire movie, just watch the first part (9.52 minutes, and I 'll bet you will stay to watch the rest!).

On a side note (I am not sure if this is still playing), in the UK there is (was?) The Blonde Bombshells of 1943 in theatre. Though the pics of the performers (on the link) look more like 80's hair/costume, it may be worth checking out!

More Pics...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Giveaway at the Vintage Housewife's Closet

My-o-my, the Vintage Housewife's Closet (you all know and love her from the Vintage Housewife) is having a giveaway, and she is so sweet that she is offering to giveaway her dress in your size!

I am looking at the dress no 7 which is "a plus size gals dream." So if you are plus size (or any size for that matter) get over to her blog to enter and find your dream dress!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the Set of ''Mildred Pierce''

The new movie in production ''Mildred Pierce'' wardrobe is so dreamy! I especially love the look Evan Rachael Woods is sporting. I just loved her in True Blood as Queen Sophie!

The mini series has been shooting, and more pics can be seen at:
Tea with the Vintage Baroness
Painted Woman

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair Chronicles from Father's Day

These are, more-or-less, the after sots of my Father's Day hair. I slept on 2nd day hair in a high ponytail with some dry pin curls (I unsuccessfully attempted the Betty Grable up-do). After I took my hair down the next day, I was displeased, so I put the hair in Hot Sticks to again attempt the up do with no success, so I brushed it out until I ended up with a better version that the pics show.

My hair is quite "wind-blown" for lack of a better word due to golf-carting with my dad and little sis when we got to my parents house. We had SO much fun, and everyone was in a great mood!!!
I didn't get the chance to take before pics as I was rushing, and I forgot! Boo! Meanwhile, I am currently out of school for the summer with no job, so I will probably be posting more hair chronicles as I go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hair Chronicles

Here are some of my looks I was 'sporting' yesterday. I did a pin curl cold set the night before, and to my horror, they were still wet in the back come morning (my hair is VERY porous from over processing). I used a bonnet type dryer to help dry it, but before it could be completed, I had to head out. I did some waves in the front and underpinned the back. Here is the result: It turned out alright, but not what I was hoping for...
Later in the evening, as everything was not dry, I found my 'rat' and did some faux bangs, that I thought turned out quite well, but could defiantly use some improvement.
After messing with that, I unrolled it, and did a side large pin curl. I really miss my blond hair. I really don't like the darker brown, as I feel that in most pics I look mean or grouchy (ah la the first pic).