Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moving- Bah Humbug

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I am in the process of moving to a historic little apartment complex (downgrading in size), but a beautiful location next to several quaint little shops and weekend events.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Movie Night: ~Cadillac Records~

Looking for a fun movie to watch instead of doing chores, I watched Cadillac Records on Netflix (on instant, so go watch!). I have been meaning to watch it for awhile now.

The movie is based around the history of Chess records, the founder Leonard Chess, and the talents of Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, and Etta James. The movie is narrated through the eyes of Willie Dixon (played by Cedric the Entertainer). For more info about the movie or cast visit the IMDB.

Now for the fun stuff (the pics, of course :)

All the ladies are stunning in the movie. I especially loved Gabrielle Union's hair. While I believe that Beyonce had the best make-up! The redhead (Isabelle Allen) at the beginning of the movie had the best suit and hats! (I also adored her hair...she is only in two scenes). While I found Muddy's man-finger waves (I am not sure what else they would be called on men) adorable, I found Brody's hair boring. It looked like his hair does normally, and not true to the period.

Unfortunately, I could not find more clips on the movie. I loved several of the "background" stars to have interesting attire and hair. Oh well, have fun!

Sadly there were not that many hats featured in the movie, but the ones that make an appearance are fab!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dita Channeling Betty Draper

It would appear from a pic of Dita at a book signing event, that she is channeling Betty from Mad Men. In the episode "Souvenir" when she is in Rome, and the two men are trying to pick her up at the cafe.. What do you think? Additional pics of Dita's look can be found here. Dita's hat kind of hides the upside-down "U" type bun updo, but you can see enough that they look pretty similar.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can't Find A Bonnet - Try This!

A month or so ago, I was at Sally's Beauty Supply, and I came across bonnet dryers (about $50) and then seen an attachment for "standard" hair dryers for about $10. I have only tried it a few times, but it seems to work well.

I had to pin the front part a little so it would fit my head better, as it tends to want to cover my face. I think that if I sew in a piece of elastic around the edge, it would fit better and probably dry more efficiently. I really like this attachment, but I wish it was designed a little more efficiently so it would stay on my head a bit better. It works pretty well for drying roller sets (sponge/perm rods that are set wet the night before) that have not finished drying overnight. The end that attaches to a blow dryer fits really well, but can occasionally slip off. It works on my Conair blow dryer, similar to this one:

My hair is VERY damaged but super fine, so it takes about 30 minutes to dry hair that is 75% dry, and about an hour to dry hair that is 50% dry. Just for reference, it takes about 7 (yes, 7!) hours for my hair to air dry. That IS how damaged my hair is! Oh, btw, the picture shown along with the link, is the exact attachment that I bought. Additional attachments and actual bonnet dryers can be found here.

Rating: 7/10 mainly b/c of the design.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've Been Awarded!

My very first blog award! Awwwww. I am so pleased that Heidi of the blog Ketty chose to give me an award for being a glamorous blogger. Thank you so much Heidi for choosing me among the other great bloggers :)

The rules are as follows:

" Give this award to 10 glamorous bloggers that you love; link them in your post; and let them know you awarded them."

I am sure that most of you are already familiar with them, but here are the 10 blogs that I wish to award are (in no particular order):

2. Vixen Vintage
4. Berlin Hair Baby
6. Casey's Elegant Musings
8. Screen Siren
10. Strawberry Koi Vintage

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Viva Vintage: Find It, Wear It, Love It!

I recently picked up this book, and thought I would give my thoughts on it.

This looks like a great book for someone (like me) just getting into the vintage scene or looking to jazz up their life with some frills (also, like me). One of my favorite things be it blogs, books, etc... is visuals, especially pretty pictures (which is why I add so many). This book has several real-life pictures (not ONLY cartoons) of vintage styles by decades (20s-80s, but NOT in great detail...just a brief review) which I found helpful for being able to mildly distinguish between eras (I can already do this to a degree).

This book is no way intended for vintage guru's (though they may enjoy reading it), as much as it is intended for those who are interested in starting to dress vintage or incorporate a little bit of vintage aesthetics in their current wardrobe.

It does contain helpful links to vintage shops and websites, and it also contains brief info on becoming a vintage seller.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Land Girls (2008)

Ever since I first seen some screen shots of Land Girls on another blog, I have been in search of the movie, but I couldn't find it :( Luckily, my wonderful fiancee Lauren knew I wanted to see it, so he found it for me to watch in parts on youtube!

Here is the first part (10 total).

Here is a synopsis from the youtube uploader:

"It's 1941. World War II continues to rage across Europe. The young men of England have been called to the front to fight. So, back at home, a new regiment is formed, and an army of England's young women are dispatched across the countryside to pick up the slack. Collectively known as "The Land Girls," three beautiful women (McCormack, Weisz, and Friel) answer the call, arriving at a farm in Dorset, where they meet handsome and volatile Joe (Mackintosh). Tragedy and passion is revealed as the girls form close friendships with each other and with Joe."

Click here to get complete list! I am probably going to start watching in a few days as I have been busy with finals :P

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

The Stuff Dreams are Made of... Dita's house

These are some pics I found on the web of Dita's house! Could you imagine living here?