Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rest in Peace Marshmallow

This morning at 3:30AM I knew my dwarf hamster wasn't going to make it through the night. I can to find out Monday that she might have cancer.

I first noticed a few drops of blood , near the vaginal area, on my hamster Marshmallow (dwarf hamster) about 6 months ago. I read online that it maybe a menstrual thing. It did this for a day about once every 3-4 weeks. In the past month, the blood amount has increased to about the size of a quarter to half-dollar in size. I thought that it might be a but of a rougher month for her. But instead of once a month it was about every week and a half. Last Friday it was a similar size. Three days later (Monday) it happened again. I took her to a vet that day, and he gave me antibiotics and some pain meds. Today (Weds) she is bleeding again (twice today...once at 4pm and again at 10pm). The vet told me that it may still bleed for a few days after.

When Lauren (my fiancee) picked her up at 3:30 AM, she was limp and would not open her eyes. We got her to take her Banana flavored antibiotics. About 20 minutes later she began making sporadic movements (kinda like a fish) and would get in awkward positions. We were both bracing ourselves because we knew. She passed on at around 4:30 AM. Her pain was finally over. I was talking with my mom on the phone, so I didn't get to see her take her last breath.

I miss her sooooo much. I have been crying all day. We made the 3 hour drive to my parents house where we buried her and made a little cross for her.

Rest in Peace Marshmallow

-We love you Marshmallow

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie Night **Married Life**

I watched Married Life on Netflix (through the X-Box) a few weeks back, and while searching through the instant movie section, I ran across my rating for this movie. To begin with, I love Rachael Adams since seeing her in the Notebook (which I adore, btw), so I was looking forward to this movie.

Overall, the movie was OK. It was basically about a guy that was cheating on his wife with a younger gal (Adams), and his playboy best friend (Pierce Brosnan) suddenly finds himself smitten with her...and the story goes from there. I just feel that the story never really develops and fails to reach any major climax. It also seems really slow.

However, I really liked all the clothing worn. I especially like Rachael Adam's clothes. They were all beautiful and reminded me of the wardrobe from Mad Men.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Max Factor's Pan Cake Foundation

My mother-in-law was staying with me and my fiancee over the past week, and we got to discussing makeup. I was telling her that I didn't really wear foundation as I feel like it is too thick (and greasy) and still leaves me ruddy. I have VERY ruddy complexion on my face (cheeks, chin, and forehead) and on my chest and arms. I have used several foundations (drug stores and sampled some high-end ones). The only thing that seems to help is Smashbox's Photo Finishing Color Corrector in green. The green corrector from Smashbox does a great job, but at $17 for a small tube, it is almost not worth it.

Anyway, she suggested that I try Max Factor's Pan Cake foundation in Natural Number 2, and it was a water activated formula. I was hesitant at first b/c I read reviews that it was basically an old-fashioned makeup that worked at the time, but it basically doesn't hold a candle to newer liquid/cream formulas. It can also be very cakey. I figured what-the-heck, and if I didn't like it, I could return it. After failing to find it at Walgreens, we went to CVS and found that they had an extremely small section for Max Factor products (on various blogs it states that Max factor won't be selling items in the US anymore). After I purchased it. she wanted to stop by Michaels so I could purchase a sea sponge to apply the foundation.

When we got home, she submerged the sponge in water, squeezed the water out, and began applying it to my face. She told me to walk outside into natural light and see what I thought. At first I noticed how smooth and clear my face looked, but then seem some buildup around my nose and thorough "oh no!" After I smoothed out the buildup around my nose, I came to realize that I loved this foundation. The redness was gone and my face was like a clear canvas giving a very matte finish.

The most important trick in using this foundation is having a sea sponge (NOT a synthetic sponge). I got mine in the aisle by the brushes at Michaels.

I think this is going to be my new fav foundation for awhile, and the staying power is pretty decent. However, be warned this does give a very matte look and some powder-y-ness can be seen.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie Night: ***Mulholland Falls***

Mulholland heart melts when I hear the name of this movie. I remember falling in love with it as a teenager. The elegantly glamorous dressed women and "cool as a cucumber" male actors. I am a HARDCORE fan of modern films set in older periods. I feel that the 1960's and past had some of the most exquisite fashions. Both men and women looked well polished.

Mulholland Falls is about a group of LA cops that find this women that has been broken (boy all crushed) out in the desert. We later come to learn the the main cop (Nolte) knows the woman, and the drama proceeds from there. The film is set in the 40-50s.

I read an interesting blog about this movie while searching for pics from the movie. In one of Radiator Heaven's posts, the topic of Mulholland Falls (MF) is discussed. He discussed how MF was a bomb at the box office and received a great deal of criticism, yet a year later L.A. Confidential (a film similar in nature) received a great deal of praise. Even won some awards over Cameron's Titanic. I am going to have to pick this up! Read ore of his post here. I felt that the movie was beautifully written, directed, and the actors were fantastic!

Nick Nolte, Jennifer Connelly, Melanie Griffith, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, John Malkovich, Treat Willaims, Daniel Baldwin, Rob Lowe, William Petersen (Grissom from CSI), and others star in this movie.

Makeup Trends: Megan Fox's *Smokey Eyes*

One of today's biggest makeup trend setters is the gorgeous Megan Fox. Being a stunner alone, most makeup looks would look fantastic on her, and maybe not so hot on the rest of us. However, one of her most popular and stunning looks is her smokey eye.

At first, it looks like a sexy cat eye that may require a bit of eyeliner or an eye pencil, but upon closer inspection, it is actually a smoked-out eyeshadow that is quite subtle while still being stunning. If the black shadow still feels a little to harsh, try using a chocolate brown or a pretty color like violet or turquoise.

The trick is to use a thin round domed pencil brush. The Loew Cornell 272 Dome Round brush would be excellent for the job (available at Michael's craft stores). Start on the outer-corner of the eye and sweep inward focusing on creating a cat-eye type look. Add some black (or other color) to the water line, mascara, and you are done with the eyes.

Visit as she always has the most current coupons for Michaels and other craft stores (usually 40-50% off a single item!).