Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie Night: ***Mulholland Falls***

Mulholland heart melts when I hear the name of this movie. I remember falling in love with it as a teenager. The elegantly glamorous dressed women and "cool as a cucumber" male actors. I am a HARDCORE fan of modern films set in older periods. I feel that the 1960's and past had some of the most exquisite fashions. Both men and women looked well polished.

Mulholland Falls is about a group of LA cops that find this women that has been broken (boy all crushed) out in the desert. We later come to learn the the main cop (Nolte) knows the woman, and the drama proceeds from there. The film is set in the 40-50s.

I read an interesting blog about this movie while searching for pics from the movie. In one of Radiator Heaven's posts, the topic of Mulholland Falls (MF) is discussed. He discussed how MF was a bomb at the box office and received a great deal of criticism, yet a year later L.A. Confidential (a film similar in nature) received a great deal of praise. Even won some awards over Cameron's Titanic. I am going to have to pick this up! Read ore of his post here. I felt that the movie was beautifully written, directed, and the actors were fantastic!

Nick Nolte, Jennifer Connelly, Melanie Griffith, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, John Malkovich, Treat Willaims, Daniel Baldwin, Rob Lowe, William Petersen (Grissom from CSI), and others star in this movie.

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