Monday, August 17, 2009

Makeup Trends: Megan Fox's *Smokey Eyes*

One of today's biggest makeup trend setters is the gorgeous Megan Fox. Being a stunner alone, most makeup looks would look fantastic on her, and maybe not so hot on the rest of us. However, one of her most popular and stunning looks is her smokey eye.

At first, it looks like a sexy cat eye that may require a bit of eyeliner or an eye pencil, but upon closer inspection, it is actually a smoked-out eyeshadow that is quite subtle while still being stunning. If the black shadow still feels a little to harsh, try using a chocolate brown or a pretty color like violet or turquoise.

The trick is to use a thin round domed pencil brush. The Loew Cornell 272 Dome Round brush would be excellent for the job (available at Michael's craft stores). Start on the outer-corner of the eye and sweep inward focusing on creating a cat-eye type look. Add some black (or other color) to the water line, mascara, and you are done with the eyes.

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