Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Won a Giveaway <3

Awhile back, I entered a giveaway on Strawberry Koi Vintage Style to win a photo of choice on Diana's Etsy shop City Light Photography. I often forget to check my email, and a month later I received an email from Diana notifying me. I emailed her back apologizing for the delay explaining that I forget to check my email, and she said that I could still claim my prize!! Overjoyed, I had a hard time choosing a photograph, but decided on the "Couch" photo as I have been looking for a similar couch to decorate my living room, and thought this photo would be perfect inspiration. Pink! How darling :)

I received my package yesterday, and inside was the beautiful photo (need to find a perfect frame), and Diana was so sweet that she sent me a few additional smaller photos. I think that these could be great gifts for the holidays :) so go check her site. The prices are reasonable and great little gifts to sent to family and friends!

Check out Diana's blog at

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This year me and Dallas (my sis) dressed up everyday at school/work (we both go to the same school and happen to work there). I forgot to take pics some of the! We sure did get many compliments and ever more "looks"...yea you know what I am talking about. Oh well. I think both of us are a little happy it is over...only because our faces have become quite acne prone since Monday! boooooooo.

This evening we went to a casino and met our parents...we forgot to take pics of them. Mom looked great! Neither were dressed up, but they love to see us dress up. Lauren was fussy about getting dressed up, but once it was done, and he began getting the "looks," he was all into it...he is an attention whore, lol!

While me and Dallas were at the dessert table, a woman with boobs pushed up to almost her neck approached us. She inquired about our make-up and costumes as she was quite impressed with them. As soon as she left, me and Dallas looked at each other with the realization that she was a drag queen...we had never seen a drag queen before....she was working it lemme tell you! We seen her twice more and she soon started calling us "her gals." I wish I would have thought to get a pic :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

True Blood's Queen Sophie

I first read the book after hearing that if you liked Twilight that you would like this book. I read Dead Before Dark before I saw the series, and I liked it...I didn't love it like I loved Twilight. To me, True Blood is an adult series while Twilight is more for teens. BTW, the book and the series don't follow very closely, so if you have read the book first some of the inconsistencies may drive you nuts!
That being said, on one of the last few episodes (errr season 3?!?) Queen Sophie quickly became the star, even though she was only in a few episodes for a short period of time. Her perfectly placed luscious red hair, smokey vintage makeup, and simple 40s style had me me she epitome of a vintage glamor girl. Queen Sophie is played by the lovely Evan Rachael Wood who has been known to wear vintage in her daily life.
The hair and makeup look simple enough to accomplish and could be worn day or night...just add a change of clothes and you will be stylish all day long ;) 

Here is my Diana Dors Hair Tutorial which is more-or-less the same style - just pin the sides up with a bobby pin or hair comb. I will try to do an appropriate one soon! 

Additionally, BerlinHairBaby has a hair tutorial on Queen Sophie. Also, check out her blog for makeup and hairstyling tips here.