Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This year me and Dallas (my sis) dressed up everyday at school/work (we both go to the same school and happen to work there). I forgot to take pics some of the! We sure did get many compliments and ever more "looks"...yea you know what I am talking about. Oh well. I think both of us are a little happy it is over...only because our faces have become quite acne prone since Monday! boooooooo.

This evening we went to a casino and met our parents...we forgot to take pics of them. Mom looked great! Neither were dressed up, but they love to see us dress up. Lauren was fussy about getting dressed up, but once it was done, and he began getting the "looks," he was all into it...he is an attention whore, lol!

While me and Dallas were at the dessert table, a woman with boobs pushed up to almost her neck approached us. She inquired about our make-up and costumes as she was quite impressed with them. As soon as she left, me and Dallas looked at each other with the realization that she was a drag queen...we had never seen a drag queen before....she was working it lemme tell you! We seen her twice more and she soon started calling us "her gals." I wish I would have thought to get a pic :(

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