Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Won a Giveaway <3

Awhile back, I entered a giveaway on Strawberry Koi Vintage Style to win a photo of choice on Diana's Etsy shop City Light Photography. I often forget to check my email, and a month later I received an email from Diana notifying me. I emailed her back apologizing for the delay explaining that I forget to check my email, and she said that I could still claim my prize!! Overjoyed, I had a hard time choosing a photograph, but decided on the "Couch" photo as I have been looking for a similar couch to decorate my living room, and thought this photo would be perfect inspiration. Pink! How darling :)

I received my package yesterday, and inside was the beautiful photo (need to find a perfect frame), and Diana was so sweet that she sent me a few additional smaller photos. I think that these could be great gifts for the holidays :) so go check her site. The prices are reasonable and great little gifts to sent to family and friends!

Check out Diana's blog at

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