Wednesday, October 21, 2009

True Blood's Queen Sophie

I first read the book after hearing that if you liked Twilight that you would like this book. I read Dead Before Dark before I saw the series, and I liked it...I didn't love it like I loved Twilight. To me, True Blood is an adult series while Twilight is more for teens. BTW, the book and the series don't follow very closely, so if you have read the book first some of the inconsistencies may drive you nuts!
That being said, on one of the last few episodes (errr season 3?!?) Queen Sophie quickly became the star, even though she was only in a few episodes for a short period of time. Her perfectly placed luscious red hair, smokey vintage makeup, and simple 40s style had me me she epitome of a vintage glamor girl. Queen Sophie is played by the lovely Evan Rachael Wood who has been known to wear vintage in her daily life.
The hair and makeup look simple enough to accomplish and could be worn day or night...just add a change of clothes and you will be stylish all day long ;) 

Here is my Diana Dors Hair Tutorial which is more-or-less the same style - just pin the sides up with a bobby pin or hair comb. I will try to do an appropriate one soon! 

Additionally, BerlinHairBaby has a hair tutorial on Queen Sophie. Also, check out her blog for makeup and hairstyling tips here.


BHB said...
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Berlin Hair Baby said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! I love your vintage tips and inspiration. Also, thank you so much for featuring my tutorial. I'm excited to check back in with you! allbest, BHB

Sirens Sexy said...

Thanks! I really love your tutorials -you do a fantastic job!