Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Pad-Foot

There is someone special I would like you to meet.
Cute isn't she?

A few weeks back I wrote a post on the passing of my lil baby Marshmallow. I still really miss her :*( Days after losing her, my mother was very insistent on me getting a new lil one (that has always been her way of helping us get over the loss of a pet). After searching for the perfect lil one, we came across Pad-Foot. She has lil white booties on all of her lil tootsies, and she also has a white neck stripe. She won't let me take a pic of that yet, so will have to wait!

I wanted Lauren to name her, but I wanted a fu-fu name like that in which I had given Marshmallow. My sister tried to name her Skunky as she has a stripe down her back. She is still a little scared so she still poops quite a bit. The second day we had her, she was biting, but ater that she has not bitten.

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