Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What have You got to Say for Yourself?

Alright ladies (and any gentlemen) me and my sister have enjoyed making our first tutorials, and though we have some ideas of our own, do you have any suggestions?

Feel free to recommend vintage (me/sis) or non-vintage tutorials (sis). 

I know that I want to do...

Pan Am girls (we will probably both do these), 

maybe Mad Men

Gwen Stefani (Cool Video - blonde), and various others.

Also, if you haven't already checked out our tutorials, here are the links. Oh, and please leave any comments/suggestions :)


On a side note, a wonderful blogger who does the most AMAZING Betty Draper hair is Pia Storm over at  Storms Magasin ... swoon! 

I left her a comment asking how she did it, and she replied with "Just pin curls, pin curls, pin curls - just like Betty :)"

...Yes! below is Pia's hair!