Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pan Am ~ Style Secrets

I may be late on the bandwagon, but I started watching Pan Am last night, and I can't stop watching! The styling is amazing! During each episode, I really feel that I am transported back in time.
Though the story lines can be a bit predictable, and after four episodes, the plots are more or less the same, but I still can't want to see the next, and see the styling for the ladies in a different part of the world.

Patricia Regan does a fantastic job on styling the ladies and gentlemen of Pan Am. You can read an interview and some of the makeup she uses on Christina Ricci for the show here.
  • MAC's gel liner in Blacktrack.
  • MAC Fleur or Peaches blusher.
  • L'Oreal Voluminous mascara or Dior Iconic
{Source ~ Lipstick and Cake}

Here is a site for Laura's makeup! (I just adore her style, definitely my fav!)
  • Armani’s lasting silk foundation
  • Mac fleur power blush
  • Three Custom cool sky eye shadow
  • Mac rapidblack penultimate eye liner
  • Shiseido black mascara
  • EOS honeysuckle lip balm.
I really hope that the rumors of the show being canceled are not true :(
I was heartbroken to learn the Playboy Club was canceled after only a few episodes. I LOVED that show.

As a side note, apparently Revlon's Persian Melon (now Blase Apricot), use to be the standard for the Pan Am stewardists according to My Beauty Blackbook. Though both shades are still sold today, Persian Melon from the 60s is now Blase Apricot-a peachy color, and the Persian Melon we see today is more of a midtoned cool pink.

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