Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update and Upcoming Tutorial

Again I begin another post with an apology for my absence. I have been buys with school, but I still keep with with all of your blogs (and others who don't follow me) though I rarely comment.

I have some news! I broke my other camera, so I was unable to take pictures, and though I have my webcam, it is really insufficient. However, for my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a new camera with better quality photos.
I have been doing my hair in pillow-type rollers, and the result has been (discovered yesterday) quite Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth) from Beyond the Sea! I hope to do a tutorial sometime after Monday of next week as I have my finals next Monday. So expect a (video) tutorial around the last week of March.

Update: While I taped the tutorial for this, it did not turn out well, but check out my other tutorials:

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