Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mugging it up in the Bathroom

My sad attempt at a post to keep from not posting for months. Spring quarter begins Monday, so we'll see how much I can post and how frequently.

My results after brushing my hair after using Hot Rollers. It falls flat so fast that if I want a good curl, and I want it to last I must sleep in rollers.

A close up of a dress clip I recently found at the Goodwill.

Here is a better view of the makeup. Basically a cut crease. I found a fantastic set of 1936 dress clips recently for $2.99 whoaza what a steal! The little rhinestones shine so brightly that they give the sun a run for its money :)

Good night!


grosir baju muslim murah said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

Sirens Sexy said...

Thank you!

I really need to find a better place to take pictures. Until then the bathroom will have to suffice.

Sara said...

Your makeup looks beautiful! I've found that if I want my curl to stay when using hot rollers, I have to load up my hair with plenty of mousse. Maybe that would help? I know what you mean about sleeping in rollers leaves you with an indestructible curl. :D And the dress clip is so lovely; what a fabulous find! XO

Sirens Sexy said...

Thank you! I have used mousse, and I still have similiar problems. I actually use a moisture mask when I curl my hair in rollers to act as a setting lotion, and it really helps keep the ends less frizzy.

These are the second pair I found within a weeks time! I have never seen a pair in a store before, so I was thrilled when I found both!