Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What have You got to Say for Yourself?

Alright ladies (and any gentlemen) me and my sister have enjoyed making our first tutorials, and though we have some ideas of our own, do you have any suggestions?

Feel free to recommend vintage (me/sis) or non-vintage tutorials (sis). 

I know that I want to do...

Pan Am girls (we will probably both do these), 

maybe Mad Men

Gwen Stefani (Cool Video - blonde), and various others.

Also, if you haven't already checked out our tutorials, here are the links. Oh, and please leave any comments/suggestions :)


On a side note, a wonderful blogger who does the most AMAZING Betty Draper hair is Pia Storm over at  Storms Magasin ... swoon! 

I left her a comment asking how she did it, and she replied with "Just pin curls, pin curls, pin curls - just like Betty :)"

...Yes! below is Pia's hair!


Pia Storm said...

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it :)
Yup, just pin curls and a lot of brushing of course. I don't really do anything special, it just turns out that way every time.

I really enjoyed that Diana Doors tutorial, your hair looks absolutely beautiful - keep up the good work, I would LOVE to see more vintage hair style tutorials!

Are you using any kind of setting lotion? My hair isn't always holding the curls very well.


Sirens Sexy said...

Maybe someday we will get a tutorial from you ;)

Thank you! I look so awkward in the video...just so nervous I guess. I plan on doing more vintage tutorials, but I am doing full time summer school right now, so I am a bit slow getting to everything.

I actually have been using cheap dollar store hair gel. I put it on VERY dryish-damp hair, and it has made my hair look healthier, and it doesn't leave it crunchy like other products.

Thank you again =D

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