Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't be Scared...It's for Halloween

Ooooooohhhh Halloween is around the corner, and I can't wait!

My sister Dallas and I were messing around with make-up when she came over this evening. I forgot to take pics. I thought I would add a few pics from last years Halloween. The top first pic was taken on Halloween at Pechanga Casino as we met our parents there b/c both of our boyfriends had to work :(

The top second pic was about 2 weeks before Halloween last year...we seen some vids on youtube and got inspired. Last year MissChievous (Julia's) vid's were the best, in my opinion! I think she has done one for this year already and plans on more. Go to her channel and check them out, you won't be disappointed :)

These last two pics are of the boys. The first is my bf Lauren. He was going as the Joker. Looks pretty cute, if I do so say myself :) The second is Dallas' bf Trent, and he was going as a rock star.

I have already been messing around with Halloween looks. I am not sure what I wanna be this Halloween, I just know that I wanna be something dead :P I LOVE the blood and fake bruises, scabs, etc... Oh, yeah! SarahVictor from youtube did an awesome vid on making bruises and scars. Below are pics of my attempt at looking beaten.

I want to make little Boo's, you know the lil ghosts from Mario Bros video game. Trent bought Dallas a book (Martha Stewart) on making all kinds of Halloween treats, and I thought that making lil ghosts would be cool. She is having a Halloween party at her house, and she wants me to help decorate. Fun, fun, fun!

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