Thursday, December 10, 2009

Land Girls (2008)

Ever since I first seen some screen shots of Land Girls on another blog, I have been in search of the movie, but I couldn't find it :( Luckily, my wonderful fiancee Lauren knew I wanted to see it, so he found it for me to watch in parts on youtube!

Here is the first part (10 total).

Here is a synopsis from the youtube uploader:

"It's 1941. World War II continues to rage across Europe. The young men of England have been called to the front to fight. So, back at home, a new regiment is formed, and an army of England's young women are dispatched across the countryside to pick up the slack. Collectively known as "The Land Girls," three beautiful women (McCormack, Weisz, and Friel) answer the call, arriving at a farm in Dorset, where they meet handsome and volatile Joe (Mackintosh). Tragedy and passion is revealed as the girls form close friendships with each other and with Joe."

Click here to get complete list! I am probably going to start watching in a few days as I have been busy with finals :P

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