Monday, October 11, 2010

Apology and an Award :)

I have been such a bad little blogger! Sadly, it is mainly in part due to the fact that I have only VERY limited access to the Internet now :(

Anyhow, I was awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award"!!! from La Dama of Vintage Passions Just Like Mine. I just adore her blog, and for you curvy gals out there that are into vintage, check her out! ( I hope she doesn't mind me using one of her pics ~ What a beauty!)

My Fav blogs at the moment are:
(Plus Size Vintage)

0) Vintage Passions Just Like Mine (not sure if I can link her as she gave me the award)
Other Vintage Sites:
5) Vintage Starlet Has amazing photos of a 40s starlet
11) Annie Pancake
12 ) Lisa Freemont BEST vintage tutorials (hair)
Non vintage Sites
14) Makeup Geek Adore her makeup tutorials
17) Big Girl Blog Best PSP stories on dating
19) Dita von Teese The one (of a few) who got me into vintage
20 ) Kr1mina1s Korner my hunny
*On a side note, I am not meaning to separate the blogs in anyway. Being plus-sized, I like to see plus size vintage gals sporting their wear on blogs :)


Cheri Pinktrix said...

Wow thanks for the award!! I have been following your blog for a while and like your style a lot!

Sirens Sexy said...

Thanks so much Cheri, I like yours too ;)

La Dama said...

thank you sweetie.;)

Sirens Sexy said...

Thank all of you that take the time to read my blog. It means sooo much to me!