Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Hat Society, Can I be a Member?

While we (my sis and I) were out and about the other day getting stuff to fix her fence, me and Mom wanted to stop by a small thrift store. They had a good dozen hats, and we tried nearly all of them on...the lady working there soon joined in!

Dallas was drawn to this one, as was I, once I put it on her and then myself. So she picked it up, and gave me the responsibility of wearing it with the exception of Halloween as this will be her Halloween hat. It is a tough job, but I'll try and manage :D The old car in the pic is one in a diner in Oceanside called Pit Stop.

I decided to wear the hat out today and quite liked the way it looked. The red and pink fit my "Super Mario" dress perfectly. The little flowers on the dress look just like the power-up flowers in Mario, but pink! Even the center panel have really small Mario flowers! I didn't notice that my dress was a Mario dress until a few weeks back after I began playing Mario World on the Wii.


Heidi said...

Such a cute hat and your doing a great job wearing it;)

Sirens Sexy said...

Thanks! I felt like taking it off at times, as the "stares" can be a bit off-putting at times, but hat hair would be completely unforgivable!