Sunday, August 1, 2010

Movie Night: ~The War Bride~

Hands down one of my favorite period pieces (Titanic, Changeling, Mulholland Falls, ... to name a few). I was a bit hesitant of renting this movie as I hate sitting through boring period movies (even if there is beautiful clothing candy). After seeing all the pretty pics on other blogs, I had to rent it from Netflix! I wish I would have watched it sooner :D

The ladies from England (Lily and Sophie) have the most amazing wardrobe!! Below is just one of the amazing outfits they can be seen in....for some reason, I can't find any other pics. One aspect of the movie I like most is that the gals are down right charming!

Breakdown: The movie is basically about a gal living in London during WWII meets a young fella and soon fall in love and get married. He leaves her behind pregnant, and soon he sends for her to stay with his family in (rural) Canada. Sophie is left in the hands of a rich family while Lily, to her surprise, is not greeted with open arms, and left with a poor family the story goes from there.

Fashion: The cloths are all lovely! The English gals sure know how to dress up. You will see that during the movie, Lily is not greeted warmly by the locals as she is over dressed "city girl" for many of them. One of the interesting aspects is that Lily was a seamstress in London, so here she is making 'naughty' knickers for some of the local ladies to befriend them. I think this movie is particularly effective in showing that by trying to dress up and look your best, despite your settings, you can feel good about yourself. Though it can be hard when the 'majority' feels offended/disapproving of your clothing/hair choices.

Rating: I would give this a 4.5/5. I really enjoyed this movie. There are somethings I would have preferred they did differently, but other wise this was a visual feast! I also think the story had several interesting points (which I will not go into...spoilers).

I am particularly fond of 'period movies/tv shows' as I like to see how a modern gals/fellas look in vintage attire. To give you an idea on my rating scale, I am about 50/50 (sometimes less) with period pieces as many have beautiful costumes but lack in substance (e: Edge of Love, I thought it was so bad, I couldn't finish it...I will try it again at another time).


Glamour Daze said...

just watched this recently. Enjoyable but not as good as Land Girls.

Sirens Sexy said...

I have yet to see Land Girls. Though I have a post on watching it on YouTube!

Hep~Kitten said...

I watched this movie recently I liked her outfit in the end of the movie.

Sirens Sexy said...

I really loved the story behind the movie and the clothes. My favorite scene is when the ladies go dancing and meet their fellas (in the beginning of the movie).