Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair Chronicles from Father's Day

These are, more-or-less, the after sots of my Father's Day hair. I slept on 2nd day hair in a high ponytail with some dry pin curls (I unsuccessfully attempted the Betty Grable up-do). After I took my hair down the next day, I was displeased, so I put the hair in Hot Sticks to again attempt the up do with no success, so I brushed it out until I ended up with a better version that the pics show.

My hair is quite "wind-blown" for lack of a better word due to golf-carting with my dad and little sis when we got to my parents house. We had SO much fun, and everyone was in a great mood!!!
I didn't get the chance to take before pics as I was rushing, and I forgot! Boo! Meanwhile, I am currently out of school for the summer with no job, so I will probably be posting more hair chronicles as I go.


Miss Matilda said...

the dresses are yours xx send me your address so I can ppost them

missmatilda2 (at) gmail dot com


Sirens Sexy said...

:D Thanks Mis Matilda! I can't wait!!!! I emailed you with my addy :)