Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big Gals Secret to Heels

Being in the "bigger" category of plus size, I find myself in a pickle. I LOVE al and any heels. I am like the sister in the Movie/book "In Her Shoes." I buy hels just because they are pretty. I was talking to my sister the other day, and she said "you know you have bought heels that you haven't even worn once!" I thought about it, and she was right. Being bigger, I find that my feel like I have been walking in heels carrying cement blocks around all day. They chronically ache for the next few days. One thing that seems to give my foot a little more cofort and allows me to last longer is wedges (though not all). For the most part, in many wedges it feels lke you are wearing a comfy sandal and not a 4' heel. I am short, so I love this featue >o< ...most of the hels below can be found in the shoe store in most malls (california anyway).

The Audry Wedge $34.97
Great for a sexy date or a romantic afternoon...
Knotted Floral Wedge $39.97
Fun weekend wedge. Great with a long flowy dress...

Breeze Wedge $16.19
Great for work...

These dreamy heels are great or a special night out. "This ankle strap sandal features a luxurious velvet upper, a huge vamp bow and a fear-inducing 4.5" heel. A knockout for special occasions, these shoes will definitely get attention in any setting."
I found a pair almost exactly like these a few years ago at Fashion Bug for $7!!! Goes to show you that you don't have to pay a ot to get a great heel. Just have to be patient and look.

Great for work and drinks after!

Great for work or brunch with the girls >*<

Wedges are a great way for us bigger gals to feel sexy and look fantastic (with support) in 4' heels, so go have some fun!

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