Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh How I Glove Thee...

I found two pairs of gloves (grey and black) before Christmas that were leather and fit like a glove :), but failed to get them along with a pair of opera length gloves as I had already spend too much and needed to get more x-mas Next time. I am especially loving the brown leather opera lenght gloves Dita is sporting in the last pic!

I currently have two pairs of gloves, one a polyester cinnamon brown and the other a velvety black. Pics can be seen here. I also received some hats for Christmas, but I need to find my camera--boo for moving!

I find gloves to be like hats in that they add such a personal flair to an outfit! Perfect for the colder months, and when paired with the perfect outfit can add such glamour and elegance. I love to see women all dressed up and that little extra spark (hat, gloves, heels, something unusual) that makes you think 'wow, she looks amazing' and later you realize that that little extra coordination made her go from plain to pleasantly surprising, and it makes you want to try with your accessories.

I am on the hunt!


Charlotte said...

Oooh nice eye candy! xx

Tuppence Ha'Penny ~ Blitz Diary

Sirens Sexy said...

:) Gloves can add so much sas to an outfit that I don't know why more people don't use them today!