Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh, What Fun!

Today was a day for some much needed fun! Above is my daily outfit. I think my hair turned out quite nice (especially in the back). The day began with some Wolfenstein, and from there me and Lauren (my bf) went to a local thrift store where I bought the 30's (large) topper as seen in the pic to the left. While there I also found a gorgeous faux fur scarf (?) in midnight love love! I seen one similar months back in a deep cranberry and kick myself for not getting it, so I could not pass this one up even at $15.

Afterward, we went to Blockbuster and met up with my sis Dallas for some excellent Mexican food (my fav!). Once we got back to my apt, me and Dallas began watching a 3D movie while Lauren got ready for work. Me and Dal then went to 99 cent store and got some drugstore makeup marked down to a buck.

There is still a bit of the evening left, and I may meet up with Dal and her bf for some endless fries...mmmm :)

On a side note, I am looking into starting an Etsy shop this week :)

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