Monday, August 8, 2011

...Right Off the Chopping Block

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome my new subscribers! I have has 3 new readers in the past few days (thanks to Lina Sophia of Spiffing Sporadics who mentioned a post I did a while back).

I finally cut off some of my dead ends into a middy cut from the tutorial given by C-Dot on the Fedora Lounge. I had a hard time cutting the left side, so I asked for assistance from my sister who chopped off a large chunk straight and forced me to cut off more than I wanted (its ok Dallas!) Lauren helped me straighten (or better "U"-ed it out)!

Here is a few pics of how I was wearing my hair before I cut it! I miss wearing it like this!

...and here was how I wore it on Friday to an estate sale where I found some goodies. It kinda reminds me of a shorter 50's do - which is sorta what I was going for.


La Dama said...

OMG amor!
I been thinking of cutting my own femme fatale haircut, it gets pricey to cut my long hair chopped. wonderif there is a femme fatale tut.

La Dama said...

oh BTW
love your hair flowers, your hair turned out super cute amor.

Sirens Sexy said...

Thanks sweetie!

I was so nervous as I was afraid it would look like a mullet or something, but it turned out quite nice. It is definitely shorter than I wanted, but it is nice for a change, and I know what not to do next time :P

I would do a search online for a femme fatale cut...I am sure there is one out there. If you do please show your results.

I love the faux orchids too! I also got them in yellow, and want to get some in green :)

May Loh said...

Love the contrast of the blue flowers against your hair! Its lovely! Will follow you...have a good week!
May x

Sirens Sexy said...

Thank you May!

The purple flowers actually fell apart in the car as I accidentally left them on the dashboard in the sun :( I am gonna have to go get some more though.

Sara said...

Oh, it looks lovely! Gorgeous. :D And I adore your hair trinkets! XO

Sirens Sexy said...

Thanks! I really need to get some different ones as I am always wearing the same ones :)