Sunday, April 18, 2010

7 Year Anniversary

Me and Lauren (my bf) had our 7 year anniversary together back at the end of March. For some reason the beginning of the day escapes me, but the later part of the day ended with dinner at Apple Bee's (mmm mashed potatoes), and then home to enjoy the movie we seen on that same day 7 years earlier: Dreamcatcher (novel by King).
We watch it every year (even if I fall asleep at the end). I remember being on the IM with him, and I told him that I was "Jonzing it see it." He asked if I wanted to go see it with him, but I was hesitant, but finally decision made so far :)
In my pic, I wanted Lauren to get aq pic of my shoes, so when it came time for me to take his pic, he wanted to be sure his shoes were in the pic; hence, the shoe dislay by him!
Dress - $5.99 Store (both)
Heels - Reference (Most stores in CA malls)
Tee - Hot Topic
Shorts - Kohls
Shoes - Old Navy

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