Sunday, April 25, 2010

Help! I can't Stop Chomping!

I have very short stubby nails as I have the HoRRIBLE habit of biting my nails. I would like to grow them out a bit, so I can attempt a nail al-la Dita. I have tried on brighter colors that I have: black, red, blue (midnight), etc...but I find that a short stubby nail in a bright color looks tacky...especially on me!

To help me stop from biting them, I painted them a nude color. I am particularly in love with the coffee/purple color that is popular at he moment. So when I stopped by Target today, I came across the nail section and was instantly attracted to one color...the coffee nude color. It s By Sally Hansen and the color is "370 Commander in Chic" in the line "Complete Salon Manicure." The price will set you back about $6.50...yes, I know! I like the Sally Hansen brand as I have used it before. I particularly like their deep reds. I am interested in the OPI (?) brand, but not sure where to get it. They also have a nude color I would like to try. The black matte nails look like they could be fun to try if you have longer nails!

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