Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Hairy Dilemma

I want hair like looks good all the time. The past few weeks I have been fixing my hair like Dita's in the first a "slight" pageboy in that after I take out my rollers (sponge or perm rods), I brush it so that it curls vertically on the sides and horizontally in the back. Unfortunately, I have bangs that are growing out and can be difficult to style...bah humbug!

I stopped by Sally's beauty store a few weeks back and for a rat (hair bun) to attempt faux bangs. To my dismay, my bangs are too short and my hair so thin that I have to wait awhile longer to attempt these cool faux bangs that Dita sports often. I have to admit that they feel weird having such an "unnatural" bangs, but I will attempt them in public before too long.

Below is Dita's inspiration for doing the faux bangs, Carmen Miranda! SHe looks so lovely in this picture. I recently watched two movies she had a small role in: A Date with Judy and Down Argentine Way. Both are fun to watch, I love her heels in both movies. Unfortunately, she didn't sport the bumper bangs in either movie...maybe the next movie I see her in...


Laura C-dot said...

I adore Dita Von Teese - You don't know how excited I am for her book! I think we all are ;)

Lovely blog darling!

Sirens Sexy said...

Thanks Laura!

And I couldn't agree more about her book...I am impatiently awaiting!