Monday, November 9, 2009

Inspiration or Mistake: Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley:

This woman obviously likes color! Good for her. I love to see Kirstie rocking the maxi dress. She shows how plus size gals can rock a modern trend! I have personally been wearing the maxi dress and cardigan combo for a few years, and I love it. It is a great way for a PSS to feel feminine and sexy ;)

I think she has become synonymous with why you shouldn't be fat in Hollywood: because no one wants anything to do with you, for instance:

Sometimes it seems as if they (the media) try to find the most unflattering shots of Kirstie to sell their magazines on how she is "too fat" or "only has 4 years to live."

I personally feel that Kirstie is a gorgeous woman large or small. I personally am shocked that plus size retailers don't fight to snatch her up to model their clothing.

Yes, as curvy gals, we have DC (double chin) moments, our clothing loves to cling to each and every "thing," and, like every woman, we have bad days where it seems that any and everything we put on looks and feels like crap!

I feel that Fat Actress was a mistake for her, and I think this may be why plus size retailers choose not to use Kirstie to model for them, and why magazines pick on her about her weight. There are other plus size women in the media who don't get half the exposure about their weight as she does.

Lately in tabloids I have been reading headlines like "4 Months to Live," "Who'll Die First," and other lovely headlines. This makes me sick as I am guessing that these headlines (about dying) are untrue. There are several women as large as Kirstie living longer than "4 Months."

With all of the pics, it may be hard to decipher which are good among many of these 'costumes.' In many pics, her main faux pas seems to be her undone hair! If she put a little more effort into fixing her hair and applying a little makeup to brighten her features, I think she could turn herself around and become a role model and inspiration for other PSS (plus size sirens)!!!

What is your take on her style?
Are you inspired or embarrassed by any of her looks?

Is there another PSS (plus size siren) you wold like to see featured? Leave a comment below!

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