Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh No She Didn't!

Do you think she gets weird looks when she tries on vintage hats in second-hand stores?

Since I have become more involved with reading blogs on my computer (wasting most of the day away day dreaming about gorgeous vintage finds), I have started doing something I NEVER thought I would do in a million years: I tried on vintage hats!

At first, I was a bit squeamish (I think some of you may know what I am talking about), and I was unable to place hats so they looked good, but with slight adjustments, I fell in love. Now, when I enter second hand stores, I immediately go for the hats, gloves, then clothes.

While geting all googly eyes over the hats and begin trying them on and making proper adjustments, I will sometimes catch a glimpse at someone staring at me. I usually get two reactions:

1. They give me that squeamish/grossed-out look, like how could I try on something that hasn't been washed...worse if the hats have fur!

2. They will make it a point to tell me how much they love the hat and how it looks on me.

So my question, do you think Dita gets weird looks when she tries them on in second hand stores?


Laura C-dot said...

Dita? No way! She is a fairly frequent customer at Cabaret, an amazing vintage store in Toronto (and my favourite one :D). When she steps inside, people fall all over themselves to see what she tries on.
In fact, I bought a mink beret that she tried on and admired :P
I imagine its the same every other place she goes.

Maybe the reason why you're getting "the look" is because you're at a second hand store, and not a vintage boutique?
Either way, who gives a toss. Hats are amazing!

Sirens Sexy said...

Oh, I know, but could you imagine her in a thrift store trying on hats!

BTW, I am jealous of the mink baret! I have fallen inlove with hats :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for following my blog!

It's always lovely to have new followers and meet new bloggers!

btw. LOVE Dita! I'm obsessed with her Tweets!



Gabrielle said...

I just bought a 1920's hat yesterday. It is a masterpiece! I never notice grossed out stares. Mostly just compliments from fellow shoppers.
Dita can do no wrong in my eyes. She probably has the greatest personal hat collection on earth.

Sirens Sexy said...

I have noticed that I get more compliments now as well. In fact a while back I was unsure about a 50s new look type hat, but a lady with her teenage daughter told me it looked fantastic on me, and I should get it :)

I agree! I just love Dita :)